An American Atrocity

A novel by

Mike McCarey


An American Atrocity

A novel by Mike McCarey

Photographs taken in Vietnam during 1967-68.

The images depicted correspond to scenes described in An American Atrocity.

The First Marine Division’s Legal Office. The courtroom building is in the foreground. Offices for the legal staff were located in the Quonset Huts on either side and behind the courtroom building.  Chapter 1.
First Marine Division headquarters on Hill 327 outside of Da Nang.  The large building in the middle of the photograph is the mess hall.  The command bunker is the building two-thirds of the way up the hill behind the flags.  Chapter 1.

The main road into division headquarters and the buildings closest to the road. The structures to the right of the road in the background—called “hooches”—served as sleeping quarters for officers. Chapter 1.

A closer look at the “hooches”--unpainted plywood buildings with metal roofs. Chapter 1.
The Officers’ Club as it appeared in late 1967. In 1968, the ground floor was enclosed and used as a movie theater and a patio and barbecue grill were constructed on the far side of the building. Chapter 1. 
The mess hall, officer’s club, and hooches photographed from the top of Hill #327. 
Waiting at a checkpoint to cross the Han River south of DaNang. Chapter 2.
The rice growing area south of DaNang. Chapter 2.
Rice paddies in various stages: the paddy in the foreground has been plowed and flooded with water; the paddy in the background has been plowed, flooded with water, smoothed to a level surface, and farmers have begun to plant rice seedlings in it. Chapter 2.
 Vietnamese farmers carrying goods to market along Vietnamese Route 1. Chapter 2.
Vietnamese Route 1 photographed from the air. Chapter 2.
A vehicle and communications bunker at division headquarters destroyed by the enemy during Tet 1968. Chapter 5.
 A CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter—a “frog”—in flight. Chapter 8.
Approaching a battalion headquarters LZ from the air. Chapter 8.
Sandbagged buildings at a battalion headquarters. Chapter 8. 
The military installations around DaNang City in 1968 viewed from the air over the barrel of a 50 caliber machine gun. The main Da Nang air strip is in the middle of the photograph. Chapter 8.
A UH-1 Iroquois helicopter—better known as a Huey—sitting on a Landing Zone at Headquarters for the III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF). Da Nang City is on the other side of the Han River. Chapter 21.

A Vietnamese village with the Annamite Mountains that form the border between Vietnam and Laos in the background. Chapter 26.

Flying over the Vietnamese piedmont. Chapter 26.
Flying over the sharp peaks of the Annamite
Mountain Range. Chapter 26
Another photo of the Annamite Mountains. Chapter 26.
Flying over an artillery unit prior to landing at an LZ in the Annamite Mountains. Chapter 26.
A CH-53 helicopter delivering supplies loaded in a rope-basket. Chapter 26.
Looking over the barrel of an artillery piece into Laos. Chapter 26.